Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tell Me What You See Challenge

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Alright Y’all the Tell Me What You See Challenge has been on hiatus for far too long! The picture above is from a photographer featured in this month’s O Magazine. I saw the picture and it said something to me… and I want to see what it says to you.

The “Tell Me What You See Challenge” is a way for all of us to teach each other something from a different point of view. I am fascinated by the idea that we all experience the same events differently because we all have a unique way of looking at life. This challenge is our way of sharing that view and maybe opening up the eyes of those around us to a whole new way of looking at things.

So here goes!!! The picture above is the topic. We all have one week to write down what we see. It can be a first impression, a poem, a feeling, a story that tells what’s happening here. There are no rules because there are no limits to how we see things. You can post your responses in the comments section or you can email them to me at A week from now I will post all the responses in a post and we all can go through and see the world through different eyes… even just for a few minutes.

So get those creative juices flowing and share what you see! It matters to me!

To get an idea of how the challenge works here are some of the previous ones!

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See You Soon!


  1. I see a fun couple who love each other a lot. I wonder if the old pictures around them, are old family members, that maybe they wish were part of their wedding??? Just an idea.

  2. What a cool idea. And I love the premise of looking through the eyes of another.

  3. Thanks for your interest! I'd love for you to participate!!

  4. That dratted seam! Why couldn't the wallpaper have extended just a little further into her cloistered civilization?

    The seam in the wall, as well as the racial barriers had separated them for so long. With longing, out of the corner of her eye she had gazed at his portrait... wondered what ancient secrets his luxurious and exciting ancestry held compared to the stogey, uptight restrictions of hers. What would it be like to transend barriers so long imposed by tradition?

    Her - white, racist, upscale, snobbish history mingled with his, oriental, accepting, working class background. Would the result be magic?

    She would do it! She would reach across the seamed wallpaper barrier and take matters into her own hands.

    She instantly knew it was all worth it when the silk of his tie matched the silk of his lips.

    What would their new "family" portrait portray?

  5. i think that these to individuals had so much passion for one another that even the stillness of a picture could not contain them.
    what did you think?


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