Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Better Me Epiphany ~ What I Say Matters

So remember my conundrum last week? I think I found the answer. After i posted that, my friend Laura posted a comment that said that our beliefs are the core of who we are and that if we don't really believe them then who are we really. This of course blew right past me until later that night when me and my sister were talking. My sister basically said that we should have faith in our beliefs.... pretty simple right? Well it hit me hard and I realized that I was walking around saying that I believe in things but not believing in the power of them. So as Laura basically said "whats the point".

You know I named this blog "What I Say Matters" very intentionally. I believe in the power of our words. The words that we say shape the world around us. But somewhere I think that got lost. I was stuck in the spot where I was believing that people's minds are made up... so why should I try to convince them otherwise. I was doubting the power of my beliefs. My sister told me that it's not our jobs to convince anyone of anything. We simply have to share it, and the power that lies in that truth, my truth, and your truth will do the work. This applies in so many circumstances ~ I put my beliefs out there everyday. I need to not make it about my power to convince and leave it to the truth's power to convince. That truth can be so many things~ changing influences, positive outlook, reflection, and of course my faith... all those things.

So i can share what I believe to be true (as I have on this blog) without disrespecting anyone else's beliefs. They don't have to agree and it's not my job to make them agree.

Better Me Epiphany ~ The moment I stop believing in the power of my beliefs is the moment that they are not real to me. I am not the convincer, truth is. I will express it because I believe it. What I Say Matters because it is my truth.


  1. have you ever heard the quote....who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what your saying.
    The older I get, the less I like words.
    They are good for communicating and whatnot..but sometimes the most powerful message is conveyed in silence.
    Good post.
    I too pay attention to world Aids day. I have a family member who has it. So thank you for wearing the ribbon. It is completely preventable.

  2. Mark, once again I'm blown away by an awesome post! I'm glad that what I said made sense...wasn't' sure when I typed it! lol! And I really admire're awesome!


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