Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting a nice little break!

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Well Y’all… tomorrow  is the big day!!  My tonsils are coming out!! and as a result I will be getting a wonderful 2 week vacation with the family! It’s sad that the only way you can a whole two weeks off from both jobs is to have to go get something cut out of you! Ha!  Anyways, I will be spending these next two weeks relaxing, reading, blogging, and enjoying my wonderful family!! I am uber excited about it!!  Please be praying for me.

So far I am not too nervous. I am just excited to feel better and have a break. Everyone else seems to be a little more paranoid than me. I have been asked ~ Are you worried that you might not wake up? ( no.. that hadn’t crossed my mind.. thanks for bringing it up), I would just be scared that I wouldn’t stop bleeding. What would you do then? ( I’m not sure.. call the doctor), and lastly  You know that take your uvula out too right? Look I don’t have one ( this I admit made me nervous…. although I no idea why I have a uvula… I kind of don’t want to lose it!! It’s nice knowing it’s back there.. dangling and serving it’s uvulic purpose!). With all that said thanks for your concern but this is going to go great! No complications! Quick recovery! ~ I am speaking that!! 

That's all I have at the moment. I am going to go get rested up for tomorrow.


P.S. This is my first blog from my new computer!! Look my picture has rounded edges!!! Fancy huh?

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