Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tell Me What You See Challenge ~ Results

Hey Y’all!  Well the Tell Me What You See Challenge was a huge success!! There were quite a few responses (Which always makes me excited!!). the picture above was our muse and people wrote something about what they thought was happening here, how it made them feel, or just what they thought about it… basically they said what they saw!! …. I know that’s the whole point right?!

Well here goes!!


My friend, Ansley, saw this  “I see a fun couple who love each other a lot. I wonder if the old pictures around them, are old family members, that maybe they wish were part of their wedding??? Just an idea.”


My Momma (I bugged her enough to participate!) saw this “That dratted seam! Why couldn't the wallpaper have extended just a little further into her cloistered civilization? The seam in the wall, as well as the racial barriers had separated them for so long. With longing, out of the corner of her eye she had gazed at his portrait... wondered what ancient secrets his luxurious and exciting ancestry held compared to the stogy, uptight restrictions of hers. What would it be like to transcend barriers so long imposed by tradition? Her - white, racist, upscale, snobbish history mingled with his, oriental, accepting, working class background. Would the result be magic? She would do it! She would reach across the seamed wallpaper barrier and take matters into her own hands. She instantly knew it was all worth it when the silk of his tie matched the silk of his lips. What would their new "family" portrait portray?”

I’m also a part of a online writing and critiquing community called Scribophile. It is a website where writers submit their work to be critiqued and in turn critique other’s work. Here are what some of my fellow scriblers saw.


Gary Weblund saw this

Picture scene, ten minute poetry, by Gary Wedlund:

I said, “You’re pretty as a picture.”

“But will you love me.

“When I’m angry?

“And I’m fat.

“And I haven’t had a bath.

“When a diaper’s needing changed.

“Or your namesake’s such a brat?

“Carpooling in a van.

“in-laws cook you spam.

“Will you love me when,

“I’m getting old and tired.

“Wrinkles cross my face.

“Hot flashes and I’m grey.

“Will you love me after,

“Two months back to back.

“To my navel hang my rack.

“You bent on a cane.

“Bedridden and half insane.

“ …

“Then you’re dead.

“No one at your funeral,

“Because of what you did.

“My hand the last to close your lid?”

“Ahum.  Thanks for sharing a drink.  Hat please.”


Adeline Gail saw this

The lights turned off.  Finally.  The occupants of the house had gone to sleep.  We were free from scrutiny. 

Pressing against the surface of the photo, my fingers slipped through becoming three-dimensional.  Poised all day in the same position, it felt good to move.  No longer forced to keep a blank expression, to sit up straight, to be a perfect portrait.  And now I could see him. 

I leaned forward from the wall and reached out to the next gilded frame.  There he was.  A smile grew across my face.  Grabbing his tie, I pulled him from his encasement. 

He laughed and removed his hat.  “Someone’s impatient tonight.” 

I slid to the edge of the framework, pulling him to the corner of his.  Our lips pressed together. 

“I missed you,” I whispered, then kissed him again. 

Immortalized in our portraits, our love would last forever. 


Hans Von Lieven saw this

The photo reminds me of the closing sketches of Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. There they had windows in a wall with people sticking their heads out and saying stupid things. It was a regular finale in all the shows.

Yay For Scribohile!!


My Friend Jody saw this “I think that these two individuals had so much passion for one another that even the stillness of a picture could not contain them”


Chavice saw this “A picture of love!”

Lastly here is what I saw

All of us seem to be born into or adapt to certain roles in life. We are listeners, parents, spouses, friends… the list is endless. It is very easy to get stuck in that role and miss out on what is so close to us because we are stuck in our individual frames. Sometimes you have to magically reach out of what seems possible and grab the impossible… because it’s always worth it.

“Here I am stuck. I have always been here… smiling and looking you in the eyes when you walk by on the way out the door. I think that i remind you of someone… but I don’t know who. I have been content here for so long, but something told me to look over. that’s when I saw him. Intrigue, it was a new feeling for me… but a great one. I had to see him more, touch him, but as I already said here I am stuck. It seems impossible. Nothing worth having doesn’t take work though. So I am going to do something that no one expects, no one even thinks is possible. I am going to reach out of this frame, out of everything that I am supposed to be and do something different. Let’s see what happens.”

So this was everyone!!!  Thanks for everyone who participated!! Thanks for letting me see the world through your eyes.


  1. Your mom definitely hit it out the park, but my favorite line has to be: “To my navel hang my rack. !!!

  2. Love and time travel!


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