Saturday, December 18, 2010

CREATE ~ Christmas


Hey Y’all! I am spending the day recovering and relaxing and decided to do my Christmas wrapping. I was traversing through blogger world a while back and saw gifts wrapped in simple packages. I wanted to do that on my own so here goes. I bought a few rolls of Brown shipping paper from K-mart ($2.75 a roll)  then i got out a stamp that I bought recently. Stamp

I got some red ink and stamped it on the brown paperStamp1Stamp design

I like the design!!  This is the one my Mom did



We ended up using raffia instead of ribbon


So we tied bows in the packages and I used those tags from my wish list… remember?  They came from my friend StampGirl


This is what the finished ones looked like!

Finished gift




It was a little more work than just wrapping presents… but not many people can say that they made their own wrapping paper!!  the options are limitless… but I was obviously a little confined today!


Everyday is an opportunity to get out creative juices flowing. We create our lives with each moment and we I think it’s important to fill our lives up with ourselves as well. This is my latest creation…what’s yours?

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