Monday, March 28, 2011

Better Me Epiphany ~ Sucker Punch

Hey yall!!  Its been quite a while since I've posted anything. I got bogged down with life! Too much to do so I had to take a mini break from blogger. I have started many posts but stopped halfway through because i just couldn't give it what  it needed.... so they will come... eventually!

Over the weekend I had most of a saturday afternoon off and decided to treat myself to a movie. I gave into the hype and went to see "Sucker Punch". The cinematography was wonderful! The actual story of the movie left a little to be desired but I must admit that the movie was entertaining. I always try to see what i can learn (from movies, books, conversations...) and I almost didn't get a thing from the movie. BUT the last minute of the movie said this "we are all equiped with the tools we need".

I love the idea of this statement. It is empowering and puts the responsibility on us. We are responsible for our lives and what becomes of them. We have everything already within us to cultivate our best selves and ultimately our best life. We still need to learn some things along the way but we already have the tools. We have the ability to learn new things and apply them to ourselves.

Better Me Epiphany ~ I will take the responsibilty to make my life the best it can be. I will not blame my situation or circumstances for the condition of my life because i have everything I need inside myself to create the best me. So my tools are out and I'm ready to get to work


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