Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Vow – Better Me Epiphany



Today me and one of my favorites went and saw "The Vow". It was pretty good and I wanted to share what it made me think about (besides the fact that I'm single and can't fall in love to begin with let alone lose my memory and someone try all over again!) If you have seen any of the commercials then you know the movie is about a couple who are in love, have a car accident and the wife loses her memory of ever being in love. The part of the movie that made me think was when the wife couldn't remember who she had been in the past 5 years but remembered before that... And she seemed to be an entirely different person. It made me think about how we all progress as time goes by. If most of us think back we can remember ourselves thinking and acting differently than we do now. It's a normal part of life... We mature and act differently (sometimes better and sometimes worse). But what struck me was I don't think many of us can look back and say we actively became who we are right now.... At least for me some parts of my life and who I am is not on purpose.

I had the idea of waking up tomorrow and not recognizing my life and not knowing who I am.  What would the people around me tell me my world was like?  The wife in the movie had her husband, her friends, and even her parents trying to piece that life together for her and in some points the life they were telling her she lived didn't add up. After a while and a plot twist she had to separate herself from it all and then decide or discover on her own what that life was and who she was. So it made me think about my own life. Will one day I wake up and not recognize myself or my life? Hopefully not.... But if I or anyone is not careful we can end up there. Not because of a car accident or amnesia but because we did not actively decide for ourselves who we are and what our lives would look like.  It was a huge reminder to me that we create our world with each decision and thought. We can't let circumstances, convenience, friends, family, or anything else do that for us or we will end up where the wife was in the movie. If we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and actively shape it into what we want then we will never wake up like she did. The Vow was a great reminder of that.

Better Me Epiphany: My life is in my hands. I will not wake up a stranger in my own home. I will create my life I want and take ownership of the outcome.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paper Smooches Challenge 2!

Hey Yall!! So I did not win the last Paper Smooches Challenge… but I did order a new set of their stamps called “Fall for You”. I LOVE this stamp set. Well the wonderful people at Paper Smooches are having another challenge!!  Here is the inspiration pic!




So I made this card!


IMAG0018 IMAG0019 IMAG0020

I used the apple from the “Fall for You” set and stamped the apple on a piece of white die-cut/embossed paper. I colored the leaf with Copic Marker ( I’m still experimenting with them). I paper pieced the apple and stem with pink polka-dotted (like the walls) and wood grain paper. Then I paper pieced the “meat” of the apple on white card stock that I colored with Copic markers. Then I used the small heart stamp in the set as little heart apple seeds! Then i put that over some die-cut/embossed pink and green Brocade paper (like the brocade bed spread). I outlined that with some faux stitching. Then i put it all on a Kraft cardstock base and stamped the “I love you to my core” on the bottom. Then I filled in the little hearts with Copic markers.

So here is my entry!!  Wish me luck yall!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Copic Markers

So I have seen quite a few YouTube videos with people using copic markers to color in their stamped images... So I decided to give it a try! Here is my first go round! Tell me what you think

Friday, January 6, 2012

Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge!


Paper Smooches is a wonderful new stamp company with some awesome and creative stamps. Every month they have a card making challenge using their stamps called the Sparks Challenge. They give you an inspiration photo and then you use that and make a card. It reminds me of our very own Tell Me What You See Challenge! So this month I decided to play along and enter the challenge!

Here is the inspiration photo


Here is what I came up with



So with this card I started with a Nestabilities die cut and cut my card base and the white background. I embossed the edges of the white background with the same die. Then I die cut circles of different sizes fro different colored paper for the rainbow. I stamped the clouds (not paper smooches.... but still cute.) I used an embossing folder and added texture to the clouds and then smudged some silver/gray ink over the top to give it a little more dimension. Then I assembled the rainbow and ran used an embossing folder on the as well. I added those to the card and then used the the great "You're Special" Stamp. The stamp is from Paper Smooches Sentiment Sampler stamp set ( Btw I Love this set! It's so versatile!) And the end result is this card!

So I hope Yall like it and wish me Luck!! The Winner wins free stamp sets!!


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