Saturday, April 2, 2011

Better Me Epiphany ~ Eulogy


Most Christians or people who have grown up in the church have heard the term "I die daily". Basically that entails us killing our flesh or dying to it and living by the spirit or the commandments of God. I must admit that I have heard the term dozens of times before. I understood it but it really never hit home with me.

Recently (a few months ago) I got Tye Tribbett's ~gospel singer~ album entitled “Fresh”. It's an interesting album to me because of the instrumentation and song structure (check it out!). Anyways he has a song on there called "Eulogy". The opening words are "I'm writing my own eulogy. Everyone's sad except me". The first time I heard it it really hit me hard. I started to think about death and the void that it can leave in our lives. When someone's gone we can't pick up the phone and call them to talk about something we are upset about, or ask them to pick us up from the store, or get their take on a certain situation. They are gone...period point blank... gone. That's when it hit me. That's what dying to ourselves is. When there are things about us that we don't like we need to write a eulogy for them. When I procrastinate and end up hating it at the last minute I need to let that part of me die. I can't depend on that part of me anymore because it's dead and gone.

So the thought came to me that we are all composed of different parts, different facets, different people. The parts that are harmful and aren't pushing us to out best selves have to be considered dead. Just like I can't call my granny for a recipe anymore I can't call "Liar Mark" for an excuse for something. I don't know if it makes sense to yall but my mind totally opened up when it hit me.

Better Me Epiphany ~ The parts of me that are not beneficial to becoming my best self must be considered dead. They are not dormant or filed away for later use, they are dead and cannot be resurrected. I will not call on them for help, coping mechanisms, or pleasure. My life and the actions in it are my responsibility and will not be left to be dealt with by corpses.


P.S.  here is the song!!


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