Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Better Me Epipany ~ Connections


The other day (before my surgery) I got to eat lunch with one of my favorite people. My best friend since the 7th grade. Our friendship has really held on for wuite some time. We had not seen each other in months and had only talked sparsely during that time. When I saw her we lit up and sat and enjoyed each other like no time had passed. I loved it! and it felt really good!
Since my surgery I have had some great time to sit, relax, and think. I started to think about this giant gap in time that it had been since I had seen my friend. Then it hit me.... It's been a lot of time since I have seen a lot of my friends. I haven't returned phone calls, made the effort to see them, I've been unavailable. I work tons and have been telling myself that I have just been too busy to do it all. This is true to an extent.... but for people that you love and care about you can't get caught up in the convenient. It is very easy and convenient to shun everyone aside and think only of what is good for you at the moment... but one day you wake up and you are the only one thinking about what it best for you (when you used to have a whole troup!). So I got that little bang that lets me know ~ YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!
We are very privileged to live this life and live it with each other. I have said many times that we were all put here TOGETHER for a reason... but somehow I forgot about that. Our connections with others help us to live better. see differently, love better, and get to know ourselves in entirely different ways. So I made a decision and a promise to myself. I won't let myself become an island for the sake of being busy. Real reltionships and friendships take more effort than a hello in the hall or a "How have you been?" through text. I need to put forth the effort... otherwise I miss out on a giant part of living.

Better Me Epiphany ~ Connections fulfill so many purposes in our lives. We need a shoulder to cry on, and joke to laugh at, and an all knowing smile. anything taken for granted can easily be taken away ~ I won't let that happen. I will remember that life is not all about me and what's easiest for me. I will take the time and show the ones I love... that I love!

P.S. Don't forget about the Tell Me What You See Challenge !! Only few days left to be a part!


  1. Hi Mark!
    It's Theresa (stampgirl). I've been catching up on my blog reading. I just wanted to say:
    1. I am so glad your surgery went well. The two weeks with your family should be an absolute blast.
    2. Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are the best ever!
    3. Best of luck in the coming new year!
    4. I enjoy reading your blog, even though I don't get to it every day. Your writing style is very thought provoking. You should be proud of the contribution you make to the cyber world.

  2. Does that mean you're coming to Greenville to visit me?????

  3. Teresa!! Thanks so much!! You are so encouraging!! Did you see how great your tags looked on my gifts this year?? It turned out perfect!!

  4. Jody ~ You know it!!! I'm gonna be schleping up there all the time!

  5. Hi Mark! I did see the tags, and I also saw the stamp you were using. All of your packages looked fabulous! Just so you know, I am coveting that stamp! Great job on the paper, too. Very creative!


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