Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tell Me What You See Challenge ~ Results!

Hey Yall! This is extremely late!! But here are the results to the Tell me What You See Challenge!!!

Here we go!!

First is V. She is my blogger friend and you can see her blog Here

Here is what she wrote ~

I thought it was you – Written August 2010
In inspiration of the woman, who looked how I seemed to be feeling at the time.

Now I am awake
asking how did this break?
What I thought
nothing but the same,
and myself I blame.
Shouldn’t have given my whole heart
this pattern feels now like an art
to me,
I just can’t see!
Blinded by expectations
forgetting ramifications
don’t know how to go on.
When, oh when?! Will this battle be won?
Why couldn’t this be true?
I feel like such a fool.
God! I’ll love you forever
but grim is this weather.
It… was so damn great
you I’ll never hate.
So much I learnt
wish I didn’t get burnt
so much I thought would come true
lonely I’d be no more
someone to always stand beside
and… not do everything on my own.

Next my friend Laura over Here

This picture reminded me of how I feel sometimes. Like I'm stuck in limbo between the joy and simplicity of childhood yet reaching for the experiences of adulthood with bittersweet anticipation. It's like she wants to go but she's just not quite ready. You know what I mean?I think she's frustrated that she has to choose. And wants to keep both. I know I do. She can't decide so she'll stay there, surrounded by toys but taken captive by the nagging and demanding requirements of adulthood. Because it has come for it comes for us all and this is what I'd like to tell her---"Cherish the memories. Keep a childlike spirit. But let go-it's time. And you'll find the rewards in due time."

Then Angi Said this! You can check out her blog Here

"Being a child was supposed to be my most innocent time-cries"

Then my friend Ansley said this ~

How am I suppose to play with these cars when I only have one piece of the race track left?? As I looked at the picture I had a few different ideas, but that was the first thing that popped into my head. Probable because I spent 2 hours playing with Dax and his car track - which he took apart 900 times and couldn't figure out why the cars didn't work as well on the carpet - Ha!!

Lastly saw this ~

There is a certain feeling that you get when you belong in two worlds. You would think that it is a feeling of elation because you are home in more places but the reality is that you really belong nowhere. You don’t quite fit into childhood and you definitely aren’t an adult…. So where are you? Who are you? And where do you go from here? The hardest part is that you don’t have a choice, nature makes that one for you and until you get there you are simply along for the journey. So the thing is see most here is “trapped”.

Thanks to all who have particiapted!!! I love seeing through your eyes!!! and a special thanks goes to Himitsuhana for allowing me to use her wonderful photograph!! you see more of her pictures Here .


  1. Does it seem as if i missed the plot here LOL

  2. Not at all V! That's the whole point of the challenge! We all see different things... I loved what you saw!


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