Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from the land of procrastination

"Forget about the worries of the past... they'll only contrast with what the future holds" ~ Adrianne Archie

This is a lyric to a song by Adrianne Archie that I wanted to share. I have been in a distant land for the past week and a half... it is a land that is quite deceiving... it is known only as "Procrastination" and yes it is a nation unto itself! I have no idea why I decided to visit but I did and was captured and have not written or thought for way too long! So I'm back! I was stuck in a little rut and just felt... well uninspired. You know how you are really excited about something and you tell the people around you and they just kind of give you a blank stare? Well that's what it was like when I told people about this blog. Then I hopped the plane and crossed over the river of despair(it is much darker than the brochure stated) and into procrastination. So once I was there I started beating myself up, calling myself names and then I came across that song and I smiled. I said "you know what? So what I've been a slacker and haven't exactly followed through on my intent to write! Putting it off won't change that fact" So I am forgetting this slight lull and moving full speed ahead. I enjoy it and I will do it. I cannot wait to see the contrast between my past and my future.

Better Me Epiphany ~ My past is only there to make my future brighter. Mess-ups, mistakes, regrets only add color to the painting. The main thing to do is to keep the brush wet.

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  1. Love it! And glad you crossed back over! hehe!

  2. The past DOESN'T define you, only gives you what you can use as your foundation!!!!
    You know... rereading this now, I realised that I have been letting my past define me :o NOT GOOD
    and as long as you're enjoying blogging who cares what anyone else says or how many people follow you, a while ago i lost a few followers and today i saw that I have MORE than i had before! Because I love writing my blog!!! we write, WHY, because we love it!!
    It's funny because I think of myself as writing part of the "new testament" ;) we all are... but MORE on that another time hehe


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