Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey Y'all!! It is a wonderful Wednesday!! I applied for that job yesterday!! so i have my fingers crossed for that!! I could use the income.

Today i decided to make my first submission to a magazine for publication! I you have never checked out The Sun Magazine you should! It is an awesome ad free magazine that publishes very unique fiction, poems, reviews, and photography! I haven't ordered a subscription yet but i want to! If you enjoy creativity in print you would love this magazine! So check it out. They offer everyone a free trial copy so you can get a taste of it!

The piece I submitted today is one that I wrote a few months ago. It's a metaphor about mental illness. I would put it on here but i think that I can't until i get an answer from them. I'm excited because I have been procrastinatning for so long and letting the fear of rejection keep me from trying. No More though!!! Pray for me and anyone who wants to read it just leave a comment or something and i can send it to you!

So the better me epiphany for today is stop waiting for the right time to do anything you want. the only time we have for sure is the moment that we are living. so take it and create the life you always wanted... and if you have the life you always wanted keep doing the things that make it better!

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