Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What makes you so important to me?

Umbilicus - it means the core or heart

I learned this word today and it made me think about my relationships well specifically friendships. Anyone who knows me knows that i value friendships almost above all else, afterall you choose friends (you don't get that option with family!). Friends are our chosen family. I didn't get the nickname "friend" from nowhwere. So this word makes me think about what ties me to the people around me. What is at the core of my friendships and why do i love all these people i call friend. It's something that i want to spend the next few days thinking about. I believe that in order to really value something you have to understand it on some level. When you find out why these people are in your life you can build on it. I'm hoping that when i do this i don't come up with superfluous reasons for all the bonds around me. I guess the upside to that is that i can work on making these connections deeper. So i'm wondering what do you think is the umbilcus of most of your relationships?  Is it work, food, common interests?  You tell me! I'd love to hear how your friendships are motivated!

Better Me Epiphany ~ Fill your life to the brim with the people you love the most. We were put on this earth together for a reason. Love them and let them love you back!

Posted on the go!

Posted on the go!

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  1. Firstly love the new template! It is new right!! I love it!!
    Secondly, I did mail you, but like last week I think... Just FYI so you know.
    Thirdly, wow, I don't exactly know what the core of my relationships are. I have always looked for friendships that give me 50/50 instead of the usual I give 90 and they 10.
    I feel the core was that i looked for friends that I thought had a good self esteem and had the things I thought I didn't... didnt work out that way because they didn't have those things.
    I now look more for understanding and some sense of common interests in my friendships. I only have 2 friends like that, but it's a start


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