Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tell Me What You See Challenge!!

I'm sure all of you know about people watching... right? You sit still and the world aorund you moves.. you listen to conversations, drink in body language, and come to your own conclusions about what could be going on. well i thought it would be fun to use the same concept with a picture. I have attached a picture on to here and I would love to see all of the different perspectives on it. Everyone tells their own story well in this case tell us this woman's story. It doesn't have to be long or anything, but i will give it a week and you can email your piece and i will put it in a new post next week!! It will be fun and think get all of us to stretch our creative muscles. One of the greatest things about the world is that we all see it differently- I'd love to see your view. This could be a weekly challenge for all of us and if you are into photogrpahy and think you have a good one then send it to me and we can use them througout the weeks.

The first picture is from a great street photographer in NYC. You can some of his other photos here Sion Fullana

So sit down and drink some coffee look at the wonderful picture and tell what you want about this woman!!


  1. Cool Idea! My first thought was..."Boy, her legs are splotchy. Bet she doesn't wear sunscreen." Just being honest!She looks like she is relaxing after a tough day cutting meat in a small NYC deli. Now she is just hanging out until it's time to go play Bunco with some friends. She'll probably have a cocktail there, too. And I bet she has atleast three cats...

  2. P.S. I sent ya an email but wanted to make sure you knew the blog party has been cancelled. We're gonna try to do it again soon!

  3. how uh am i suppose to email you??
    i can't add my story :( o poo LOL!!

  4. Sorry i thought u could email me through blogger. Send it to! Can't wait to see it!


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