Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tell Me What You See Challege ~ Results!

Alrite y'all here we go!!  The Tell Me What You See Challenge is an oppurtunity to show our individual outlooks. I put up a picture (the one above) and challenged all who wanted to write about who this woman was, or their opinion of her, or what she was doing.... whatever really! I did not get an overwhelming response but i did get a few!! and here they go!

First my friend over at Rada Rhythm and Rhyme Check her out! She is hilarious and her blog is a lot of fun! She wrote this!

Boy, her legs are splotchy. Bet she doesn't wear sunscreen." Just being honest!She looks like she is relaxing after a tough day cutting meat in a small NYC deli. Now she is just hanging out until it's time to go play Bunco with some friends. She'll probably have a cocktail there, too. And I bet she has atleast three cats...

Isn't she fun!

Then my new Blogger Friend V wrote this:

For days it rained

and my heart pained,

You are gone

and for you I long.

I still miss your warmth now.

I couldn't answer - what, when and how?!

You took my heart

left before I could add my part!

But the sun came out today

and nothing stood in my way,

I could say my say

because the sun drew your darkness away.

This is what she wrote about her poem ~ I think I wrote it, in "inspiration" of how the sun makes you feel better no matter what you're going through. And for me, it was partly losing someone suddenly, and I think that's what the poem is about. She lost someone when she didn't expect it, and now she can move on, because she has successfully grieved, there isn't darkness anymore.

It’s nice isn’t it?If you enjoy this then I just know you’ll love her blog!! You can look at it Here

This is the little something I wrote last night… I do so well with deadlines!! Here's what I saw!

Ooooo! It's been a long day. I guess you were not expecting me to talk about the present huh? I look like I'm at the age where I only want to talk about the life I lived and not the life I'm living. Well I'm sorry to disappoint, but I have a lot to tell you about just for today. Like how I spent the morning at the boys and girls club with all those precious children! They call me ms. Minnie.... my last name is Miniola. You pronounce that men-ee-oh-la, but I love my nickname there. The children and I spent the morning working in the vegetable garden. We have planted corn, squash, beans, and tomatoes. I taught them about the three sisters. You start with a ring of about 8 corn seeds then outside that you put a ring of beans and outside that a ring of squash. The squash leaves keep the grass out and the beans grow up the corn stalks. It's just like a family to protect each other and use each other at the same time! We didn't plant today just dug out some weeds, spread fertilizer, and watered (which of course turned into a water fight!). Those little preciouses are the best. Well after I left there I walked up to 29th street and stopped in on one of my oldest friends. She can't move around much and relies on me and a few other people to come keep her company. So I went and talked and we ate a nice lunch. We talked about all the goings on that are happening today. She of course was upset about this oil spill business, and I was talking about getting ready to vote. We always get into these mini debates about who's a liar, a thief, and who might actually do a good honest job. It's good to have someone around that you can disagree with; it helps you think differently about whatever the topic at is. My mind wasn't changed of course but I see her point. After I left her house I got on the bus and headed back up town. I love public transportation, it forces a bunch of people with no similarities (other than geographical location) to get together in one place. I get to hear different languages, see different ways of living, and of course the clothes! I won't lie to you and make you think that we all sit around on the bus and talk, but it is still exposure. I love it. The bus stopped at the library. It is a sight for all to see. It is a mammoth with flammable insides (hopefully this one never goes extinct). I went inside and got a few books to read in the evening. After that I went to the cemetery to visit my daughter. I outlived her in years but I'm still trying to get even with her in life. When she died (car accident.... damn drunk driver) I found her diaries. I met her all over again and discovered a life I didn't know she lived. I could go down the laundry list of the many things that she did, but I won't. I can just say that an amazing person came from me and I get a little bit of pride when I think that I had something to do with it. Ever since then I have tried to remember her by living and not abiding. Sometimes I have to stop and sit on a park bench (and look like I've been hit by a truck carrying a summer supply of sweat), but I won't stop. This is the best way to live! I just wish that she was still here to do it with me.

So I think the first challenge was a success!!! Thanks guys for participating!! i enjoyed it and will have a new picture up soon for the next challenge!!

Posted on the go!


  1. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing your story. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hey! Come on over anytime. I'll be back soon!! :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed it! There is no need for condolences! This was all fiction! We were writing about the picture at the top of the post! I need to make that clear I guess! Love your blog! I'll see you soon!


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