Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Better Me Update!

The better me campaign is still up and running!  There was a slight setback today... i got reminded of who I'm trying not to be. I can't be mad because it's my fault. I haven't been the best that i can be and i have to suffer the consequences. The reminder just didn't affect me that well. I went back there feeling hopeless and wanting to hit the restart switch... but of course it's not that easy!  I need to be more diligent about being the best me.. there are so many distractions!  But i will get there!  I'm thinking that maybe getting better organized is a good step right? That should help!  Next step is staying motivated!

The trouble with staying motivated are days like this where you don't see results and feel like you are in the same place. So i just have to remind myself that the only thing instant is pudding! And that still takes a while. So i am going to encourage myself that it will get better and I will get better. It is a process.. a tough one at that but things will change. I will change!

Better Me Epiphany for the day is to not become discouraged keep making changes and i will see results!   Tommorrow is organizin time! 

Posted on the go!


  1. Mark, we WERE in the same mood yesterday! Ya know, I did some organizin' around my house last night and it really seemed to perk me up some! So hopefully it'll make you feel good, too! And I love that saying, "nothing is instant except pudding." LOL! Never heard that one before!

  2. When I am organized, I feel so much better. It seems like I am unable to go forward until everything is in order. Bad...Good...I don't know.


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