Saturday, June 5, 2010

Janelle Monae - Archandroid

I recently came across an artist named Janelle Monae the other day while watching Carson Daly ~ it was late and i was bored... he's usually not my favorite!. Anyways i was very impressed by her stage prescence and instrumentation so i youtubed her really hard and decided that i must buy her cd. Wonderful decision if i do say so myself! She is amazing and the album is ridiculous! I would describe it as epic! She has decided to tell a story about an android from the future ~ not just any android the best of the best - the Archandroid. I know what you are thinking... androids? Music about androids? It's an odd concept but an effective one. This android is on a journey to be her best and use her best attributes~superpowers~ to save the world. Still sounds odd right? Well this journey that she takes teaches us the listener about life, love, balance, and ultimate freedom.

The music on the cd is awesome! She has combined poetry, hip-hop, punk rock, disney symphonies, motown, Lauryn Hill, horns, orchestra, and what sounds beatlesesque to me into one cohesive album.

Here is a track synopsis ~ there are 18 tracks so i wonKt do them all!

Dance or die ~ features the wonderful Saul Williams. It's a combination of spoken word poetry and hip-hop. What i got from it was that it's our choice to make our dreams ~ they are forever we make the choice dance or die

Faster ~ up-tempo love song

Locked inside ~ a do- wopesque song about the freedom of love

Sir Greendown ~ disney undertones love song about the Archandroids love interest Sir Greendown

Cold war ~ know what you are fighting for stand for your convictions

Tightrope ~ features Big Boi from Outkast. This song sounds James Browny about balance in life

Oh Maker ~ reminds me of a beatles song! Love it favorite phrase is "suffering sinking sand" i can imagine sylvester the cat saying that!

Come alive ~ this is the punk rock song! It's crazy she does the most unique thing with her voice at the 2:20 mark! Ridiculous!

Neon Valley Street ~ beautiful ballad that reminds me of Ex-factor by Lauren Hill

57821 ~ that is the Archaindroids id number. This song is beautiful. It sounds like a classic beatles song.... guitar beatiful echo and harmonies! Love it!

Say you'll go ~ love song! Beautifully arranged

Babopeya ~ has a wonderful drag to it! Her voice is amazing!

I love the cd! Every song is an experience. The instrumentation on every song is perfectly arranged. Real music with real heart, soul, innovation, and positivity! So look it up and listen to some of the tracks on her website ~ ~ hope you love it as much as I do

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  1. I'm gonna you tube this as soon as I get a chance! See ya Monday!


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