Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex and the City 2 .....not wholesome but hilarious!

Sex and the City 2 was hilarious! From the costumes(yes costumes!) to the characters. We pop in on Carrie in her second year of marriage - and the monotany that her marriage has become, Charlotte dealing with being overwhelmed by her second child, Miranda having a job crisis, and Samantha.. oh Samantha... dealing with menopause the Suzanne Summers way.

The movie opens up with Liza Minelli doing a rendition of "single ladies" and the fun just continues! I won't give away the plot but we see the women go on a trip and during their vacation they each deal with their own issues. There is lots of drama, funny moments, fashion, and sweet emotional moments thrown in at the perfect spots.

(Side note on the "fashion"- some of the stuff they put on was ridiculous, but for some reason when they put it on it seemed like perfection.... you be the judge)

Their trip is to the middle east so they address the role of women there and we see the sharp contrast of the two ways of living. Some of the middle eastern scenes seemed a little sterotypical.... and slightly New Testament ( i thought someone was going to get stoned), but overall it was a backdrop and not the theme... so I was ok with it. So i give it a thumbs up! It probably wouldn't be the best movie for conservative people... but it's Sex and the City! So I'm sure you already know that!    Grab some friends and go laugh you'll love it!

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  1. Hey I like ur blog on SATC I must agree with the 'costumes' comment. I love SATC but there were a few occasions where I cringed at what they were wearing( striped cowboy outfit for Miranda and silver spikey shoulder pads for Samantha..eek!)
    Im new to this blogging malarkey and still trying to figure out how to get followers...any tips? x

  2. Thanks! Glad you stopped by! I think you are doing it! I think the best way to get followers is of course to write or post things people want to see and next is comment and follow others! It let's people know who you are and then they check you out! Please come by more often!


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