Monday, June 14, 2010

What a weekend!

So this weekend was quite an experience!

Friday- I met a friend of mine and he showed me his new house! It was beautiful! He always told me he was a millionaire and now i believe him! I should've taken pictures.... but i didn't! Then i went out in greenville and met one of my most favorite people's cousin! We had lots of fun! Well after we left a few of my friends and i were hanging out in the parking lot laughing and all of that. Then a man (homeless maybe?) Came and started talking to us and asked us for money a ride all of that. I have to admit that i was not the nicest to him. There was lots of sarcastic banter exchanged and i know i should have been nicer but i wasn't. Well we got ready to leave and i went to get in the car and the man came and pretended to shake my hand knocked my phone of my hand... punched me in the face and knocked me down.... hence the black eye! It's cute right? Well he ran away after that. That was the start of my weekend.....

Saturday- my best friend from beaufort graduated from grad school! I was so excited! I put a pic up! The base covered my good didn't it? That night me and my other best friend were supposed to go to columbia so he could sing... but transmission trouble on the way. So we came back and i decided it would be a great day to change my brake pads! Mind you i've never done it before but how hard could it be? Right? Well of course i did something wrong... unhooked the brake line? And my brakes wouldnt work! Gave up for the night!

Sunday- my best friend that graduated the day before had her beautiful daughter dedicated at church! It was awesome and a great time for the family to dedicate to be godly influences in her life! So wonderful! I went back home worked on the car and found out a needed another... socket? Ha! No way to get there... so i gave up again! I was very stressed out wanted to give up on everything move to Peru and live on mud and bugs.... but i didn't! I a proud to say that today after work i got the socket and fixed my car! My eye is looking better! And i made it through!

The better me epiphany for the weekend is to NEVER give up even when you have been beaten(literally) bruised, and stranded! Life is hard.. it's supposed to be but we all have it in us to stick it out and keep moving forward!

Posted on the go!

Posted on the go!


    Life is hard, but not a test we meant to pass or fail. I like to think of life as a class, you take what you want to take from it...

  2. OH MY GOSH! I ABSOLUTLEY could not BELIEVE what I was reading! Mark was mugged! NO!!! I'm so sorry!!! And I saw you at work today and never even noticed your black eye. I am so sorry better stay safe! And I like your never give up attitude!


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