Monday, May 31, 2010

Better Me Day 4?

I made it home from a wonderful weekend in Beaufort, SC! Traffic slowed me down a little but i made it!

Chavice house-sat for the weekend and cleaned up my kitchen! Soo nice to come to a house cleaner than you left it! What a great friend! I even cut some hydrangeas from the yard today too ~all the credit goes to Mrs. Rada! She had great pictures of her flowers on her blog! Thanks for the idea Friend!

So the weekend is done and i am back at work tommorrow... i gotta sike myself up for that! No one wants to go back to the grind after 3 glorious days away from it all!

We went to the river yesterday ~ Edisto River! It was so pretty and peaceful i'm pretty sure my sister dunked me 40 times! IKd post pics but im pretty sure that none of my family is ready to have swimsuit pics on the net! We are workin on it though!

My thought for the day is to cherish everyone around you no matter how minute their role is in your life. Everyone and everything is in your life for a reason. It's amazing how everything is perectly orchestrated out that way.

P.s. i'm applying for a second job tommorrow so pray i get it!!

Location : 308 E Franklin St, Anderson, SC 29624,

Posted on the go!

Posted on the go!

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  1. Good luck on your second job! And LOVE the hydrangeas...beautiful! And your kitchen is TOO cute...I love the green color!


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