Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reflect Giveaway ~ Results

We have a winner!! well... Winners!!! I decided since there were only three people to respond that all three win!!! I am so excited about all of us taking the oppurtunity to reflect on our lives more often and get to know some loved ones a little better!

I know I had a link to some other notecards as the prize.... but I came across a local person who had some great designs... so I decided to order from her! You can check out her awesome work Here .

So the grand winners are ~

Jody Greene ~ She gets this wonderful set

Brandi Gray ~ got this set of birds on branches

And ~

Laura Rada ~ Got these cute little posies!

Congrats Yall!! I so glad you participated!! I hope you enjoy these awesome one of a kind handmade notecards. Now get to enjoying your life and telling everyone you know all about it!


  1. WOW MARK! I'm so honored! Hehe! I love the notecards and I will put them to good use! I'm so happy you're my buddy....

  2. Laura ~ I'm so glad you like them! And I'm glad your my buddy too! We need to plan our haven of rest lunch!

  3. Hi Mark!
    It's Theresa (aka stampgirl45 from etsy) I just wanted to say thanks for featuring me on your blog. I feel honored to be a part of your letter writing campaign. And thanks, too, for making me think about letter writing. It amazing that of all the cards I make how few I actually send. I see a New Years Resolution on the horizon!

  4. Theresa! I got the cards today! They are awesome! I'm glad you are taking up the challenge! Feel free to stop by the blog anytime! I know I will be stopping by your Etsy shop


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