Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better Me Epiphany ~ Own It

small light in small town

People can be our greatest blessing and our greatest curse. We spend everyday with each other and no one is an island. Sometimes we are around the greatest and most uplifting people and sometimes we are are surrounded by mountains of negativity. I believe we should always choose our influences and make every effort to surround ourselves with the best people, but sometimes that just isn't possible. We are all forced to be exposed to people that sometimes we normally wouldn't be around. They could be coworkers, church members, friends' friends.... the list goes on. These situations can be intimidating and draining and imminent. So what do we do?

I believe that our best way to combat this and enjoy a life cast with characters that we didn't pick is to own every situation that we are in. That means knowing who you are and not letting anyone or anything convince you otherwise. It doesn't require you to be abrasive or dominant. You just have to be sure. So the next time you are in a situation and there is someone there pumping you with negativity, belittling you, or being just plain rude ~ you have to make a concious decision. You have to say within yourself "I Know who I am and nothing will convince me otherwise".

So.... so what if they don't respect you


So what if they tell you that you're unlovable


So what if they say the sun is sour and the earth is nothing but mud


With this being said we don't have an excuse for the things said or done to us. Those things don't matter because we know better

Better Me Epiphany: No one else has the power to dictate who I am or how I feel. My indentity lies in what I choose.


  1. You have such a gift for being able to convey so much emotion in so few words! Isn't it freeing to know that what others think of you really doesn't matter as long as you are being the best you that you can be and love the You that you are! I wish everyone could see and appreciate their own worth and love themselves. Let's keep trying hard to do it~! Thanks for the AWESOME encouragement!

  2. Thanks Friend! I am so glad that this touched you! It's been really heavy on my heart lately and I HAD to get it out! Your wish is my wish too and I believe it's coming for everyone who is ready for it!


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