Monday, November 22, 2010

Local Love ~ Great Shops Close By

The Shopping Season is vastly approaching... sorry I meant Christmas Season!! I officially started my shopping today for my sister-in-law! I can't release what i got her... but she's gonna love it! It's really easy to get caught up in the THINGS of Christmas so I'm not gonna write a post about all the possessions I have acquired ot hand out to everyone. I will say that there is nothing like giving someone something that you know that they will love. It's a good feeling!
I love to get one of a kind things for myself and for people. I usually do the thriftshop route for myself ~ there are lots of little treasures! But the other great option is Etsy! I stumbled upon this great website while surfing around the wonderful world of blogger one day!! There is a great option for you to shop local ~ so you can support the people and economy of your neck of the woods! I love it!

So i thought I would highlight some of the people around me! Here are some things I thought were neat!

First is my new friend Stampgirl45 ~ She has these awesome 50's Christmas gift Tags up for sale! I REALLY want them to attach to my gifts this year!

Next is Muchloveilly . She has a shop full of cute little posey headbands and rings! I saw them and wanted to buy my sister one instantly. What do you think?

I also saw these wonderful handmade fabric baskets offered up by TheCatsPaw ! Here is what one looks like

Batwa has an array of these cute clutches that are perfect gifts for the tweens in your life

And don't these look delicious!!! well they are for your DOGS!! don't forget them this Christmas. Wonderful gourmet treats for Fido and friends over at Muddypuppys

I am so proud to have such awesome people in my locale creating such wonderful things! Now it's your turn to check out what's close by to you look Here

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