Thursday, October 28, 2010

Better Me Epiphany ~ Reflect and Giveaway!

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I have been super busy lately! You have probably noticed from the sparseness of my blog. I got a second job! 40 hours as a social worker and 30 something as a server. It really has been great though because it has allowed me do some things that I couldn't have done without the extra money. The main thing that I had been putting off was traveling (even close by). Since I started the second job I've been on 2 trips! One trip to NYC and the other to Asheville NC. Never the less, I am very busy. I think we all find ourselves finding ways to fill up our days with things to do. We work, eat, grocery shop, read, watch tv, and so on and so on. I've noticed with all this busyness that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the living part of life. We end our day and are so exhausted that we go straight to sleep, scrape ourselves out of bed and do it all over again. That is why I think reflection is such an important part to living our best life. Everyday we should stop and take something in. Our lives are teaching us something everyday but we have to stop and take notice of it. I would encourage everyone to find a few moments each day (when you are coherent and not trying out the newest sleep aid sedative) and reflect on your day. What did you do, what did you learn, what did you love, and where will you go from here.

So I have come up with a challenge! A letter writing challenge! Other than for work I have not written a letter to anyone in years, but I must say I think that the act of writing is important. I believe that writing is one of best tools of communication because it (usually) requires reflection and thought. Good writing conveys a message in a way that the reader feels the message rather than just hearing it. What better way to reflect on our lives then to sit down and tell someone else about it. So I propose for each of us to find someone that we don't talk to regularly and start a pen pal relationship with them. Each week or month take the time to fill someone in on your life and I promise you might find yourself filling your own self in on some things. We could just write in our journals (it’s the same concept) but I know I never follow through with it... so I decided to find someone to hold me accountable. ~ I just have to find out who it will be...any takers? ~

I hope you will do the challenge with me! I will be doing a giveaway for stationary. Leave a comment with who your reflection pal will be (by next Friday!) and I will do a random drawing so you can get some stationary starters! Here is what the stationary will be! I think it's awesome!!

Better Me Epiphany ~ I will take the time to stop and reflect on my great life so that I can savor every last drop of this grand experience that we call living.


  1. WRITE ME, WRITE ME!!!! or do i see you to often...
    Still, I think it's a great idea and if you don't want me as a pen pal i will find someone else.. cuz i want stationary!
    i once had a friend in Holland who wrote to death row inmates (just an idea if you can't find anyone...)

    I love your BLOGS, friend! And you too!!!


  2. I would choose to write my grandmother...I feel that I dont stay in touch with her as much as I should and what a better way to do it...

    Awesome Idea!

  3. Mark,

    Am I too late to enter??? I hope not! :) I love writing letters and I think this is an awesome idea! I like writing letters to the new people at my church so they feel welcomed and know that I'm very happy to get to know them! I also love Jody's idea of writing to people in prison, I bet that would be a big encouragement to many!

  4. Mmm i dont know who my reflection pal could be. Maybe my 1 friend Chris or Ann!!
    Probably Ann coz lately I've been meaning to talk 2 her and catch up


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