Friday, January 28, 2011

Better Me Epiphany ~ What If?

Shadow of a Doubt - S5isShadowDoubt

So the other day i had a big case of the What If's ~ and not the good kind. You know one of those moments where doubt rushes in and hits you real hard

What if no one cares?

What if I never move forward?

What if I never become anymore than I am now?

What If I'm wasting my time?

What if none of this will ever be worth it?

Depressing right? Tell me about it! I think we all go through these little moments, but that doesn't make them any easier. I don't know where all those thoughts came from but I know it's a place that I refuse to stay. Fear has the sneakiest way of creeping in and crippling who we are and who we will be. It can be so convincing and can litterally pull you backwards in life. I believe that fear is deceit in its purest form. It takes everything in life and distorts it and has all us believing in something that isn't true. When we believe lies we act accordingly and everything is thrown off.

I decided a long time ago to enjoy my life exactly how it is right this instant. It's the only life that we have to enjoy. I may never have a blog following of 15,000. I may never right a book that ends up on the Oprah book club list. I may never have a booming business. That is ok, because those are all extraneous things. I know in the very deepest part of me that who I am is not determined by these things. My identity lies in what I choose. So each day I will continue to do the things I love, share the things I care about, and enjoy life in spite of what fear, doubt, and anything else tell me. It won't trick me.

Better Me Epiphany ~ The what ifs in life will always try to cover up what is. Every time fear trys to distort my lifes' image it is my responsibility to step back, focus, and remember the truth. Today will be the event of a lifetime every time it comes.


  1. I was just talking about some of that to a good friend yesterday. We concluded that this sort of thinking will definitely bring a person nowhere. So working hard at attempting to get somewhere is the only way you will eventually move forward. The hard part is deciding on which of the many goals in life to pursue first... Back to square one.

  2. So sorry that you've had one of those doubt-filled moments this week...but I can certainly relate. Love your positive spin on things...which is such a true and smart reminder.

    And who knows...with a positive may end up on Oprah's book club!

  3. That is such a fabulous outlook! I wish more people would refocus their lives on what REALLY matters. The world would be a far better place.

  4. This is a very thoughtful point you have here. I ask "what ifs" everyday... and you are right, fear loves creeping into our souls. I love your attitude. Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. Thanks Y'all! It hit me so hard one day that I had to share.

  6. Love what you wrote here! We all experience that doubt - and sometimes it's really tough to get through. Very, very true that we need to live in the moment.

  7. Phewf!! This is just what I needed to hear. And it's just what I need to decide. Thank you! For calling out the 'what-if's as the fear-mongering deceivers they are. (they clothe themselves as intellect or 'deep thinking' don't they?)

    You said it: The what ifs in life will always try to cover up what is.

    Thank you, for that big step closer to freedom from my own battle with 'whatifs'


  8. Totally linking to your post here:


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