Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CREATE ~ Valentine’s Card

Hey Y’all!!  So I have been really excited about this whole card making thing! I have kind of gone crazy buying craft supplies lately! I am stopping myself… no more… for a week! Ha!  Anyways I wanted to share my latest card! Tell me what you think!


Here is the cover!



And here is the inside


Here’s another


Here is the inside with a matching envelope


What do you think?


  1. Hi Mark!
    I like your cards! You are well on your way to an Etsy shop! Congratulations!
    I have one more bit of adivice for you...well not so much as advice as something to keep in mind..Michael's and Hobby Lobby and any on line stamp store, are more or less debtors prison. It's amazing how fast your money will go away once you get in there!
    Good luck with little or no paper cuts!
    Theresa aka stampgirl45

  2. Both cards are very nice! Can't wait to see more!

  3. I love them Mark! I'm also wondering if you are going to be selling any? If so, give us the info because I want to get a few for Valentine's day and I bet there are others who might want some too!:)The one with the Dove is my FAVORITE!!!!

  4. Teresa ~ thanks so much for the encouragement! And I am fastly finding out about debtors paradise! Do you have any tips of other places to get cheap supplies!

    Simona ~ thanks! You're sweet

    Laura ~ Thanks! And yeah I am trying to sell them! I will set that card aside for you! You are so encouraging to me!

  5. Well...that's the rub! If you buy cheap supplies, your cards are going to look cheap. And yes, I found that out the hard way. A good way to approach things is to buy stamps, punches, and/or patterned paper that is non- specific.(the holidays are excepted of course!) Floral prints and polka dots is a good example. A nice alphabet set and some graduating basic shape punches will get you out of just about any problem. Check out You can usually find nice supplies and they usually have some kind of sale going on.
    Happy stamping!


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