Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lunch Date Table

A Communal Table for One.............

While eating lunch ALONE today i had an idea. I was sitting in there without my "eat alone materials" ~ a book, magazine, or something to look interested in. I looked around and saw a few single person occupied tables. Then i remembered my trip to New York. While I was there i went to a little jazz club to see one of my favorite singers ( Melonie Daniels... she wasn't there though!). Anyways seating was sparse so they sat me down at a table with a few other people at it. I was a little taken back because I had never been seated with strangers before. But it turned out really nice. I met a young couple from Europe ( I can't remember which country), theey were really nice. It was a good experience fetting to know perfect strangers just because. I looked around there and saw that most of the tables were mixed together like that, with some very opposite types of people. I would've liked to hear some of those conversations!

So i say all of that to say this. I propose that restaurants have a communal table. When i walk in and say table for one they can ask if I'd like to sit there. I think it would be a great way to meet someone new.. and maybe gain a little wisdom from a perfect stranger. I know.. they have a bar for that, but nothing incites conversation like sitting across from someone. You just have to talk!.

So that's my idea for today! What do you think?


  1. Great idea!! Over Christmas at the Haywood Mall, J and I were lucky enough to get a table in the food court. An older couple asked to sit with us and they were great! I enjoye dour conversation with them so much!! Also, I used your snack recipe last night - the pig sin a blanket with Bar B Q and Pineapple - My family enjoyed them!!

  2. I'm so glad y'all liked them!!! and that is a thought!! I'm gonna start ambushing tables at the food court!! ha!

  3. it is a good idea! actually i went to a couple of family style resturaunts in GA and they do this exact same thing. it was odd at first but then it was actually pretty cool!!!!!

    you should keep the trend going!

  4. man! what an awesome idea! I agree with you. It would be a great idea if restaurants would offer that option! Good call!

  5. It's a GREAT idea!!! I think it's much more common in other countries and big cities...we gotta get with the program!

  6. I agree. They should also make a 'mom's with small children table' so that parents that are by themselves with their children can have a communal place to sit too.

  7. This is an excellent idea. Somehow sitting alone at a restaurant table feels depressing to me. With the community table, even if you don't feel like talking too much you'll at least be able to exchange a smile and a "bon appetit" with somebody.

  8. Art Bar in downtown Greenville has communal tables!! Love it! Very European.


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