Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rediscovered Right ~ Beautifully Human – Jill Scott


So I was going through my music list that I have been adding to for years and came across Jill Scotts second album "Words and Sounds Vol II". I love Jill Scott and this was the first album of hers that I ever got. A friend loaned-then-gave it to me. It is what made me fall in love with her. Anyways I rediscovered this album and have been listening to it like crazy for a week now! So I figured I should share it!
For those of you that don't know Jill let me introduce you. She is a sultry singer who packs every song with meaning. It's not this catchy-tune music that you sing along to but has no meaning type of music. Her music tells a story with each word and chord and nuance. I feel like I've been somewhere after I listen to her music.

tracks ~
I am not afraid – This song talks about her unwillingness to be afraid of what it means to be a woman. To feel, to create, to bear children… She even says Glutinous!!

Golden - I LOVE this song. It is all about the freedom that we all have in each of us. Harness that freedom and live each minute, second, day like it's golden... because it is

The fact is (I need You) –This is a beautifully constructed song that talks about all the ways that she is adequate - she can buy her own shoes, stain and polyurethane... everything but still she needs a man. I like it because it's a reminder that all of us our sufficient in ourselves but that sometimes we just need someone else.

Cross my mind - It talks about remembering that past love - remembering all the good things about them and it ends up remembering that they didn't work out for a reason. I think we all go through those little episodes where we look back and want to call the ex then we get that all important FLASH ~ the "oh yeah that why we aren't together flash" but it's still good to reminisce sometimes.

Bedda at home - This song is all about being faithful. She starts off describing this man she sees and all the wonderful things he is and can offer.. but realizes as good as he may seem she has something "Bedda at home"!

Talk to Me - This is my favorite song on the album. It's about the dynamic between men and women in relationships. Sometimes guys just don't talk and the women take it to mean something else. I love this song because halfway through it changes course and turns into a nice jazz song ~ Brilliant

Family Reunion - Tells the story of her family reunion. I don't know how she does it but in a 5 minute song i feel like i know her family all to well. chorus says "What can you say it's family". every family has it's flaws but we are still a part and still connected by love.

Can't explain - A song where Jill asks for forgiveness for messing up in her relationship. My favorite line is "just because you have a nightmare doesn't mean you stop dreaming" I LOVE that line. It says what we should forever say every time we get hurt or discouraged and want to give up. Sometimes nightmares come but if we stop altogether then we miss out on the sweetest dreams too.

Whatever - This is a sexy song. Jill tells the story of her previous evening with her husband and offers him "Whatever' he wants because he's earned it!!

Nothing - A sweet intro that says "nothing is more beautiful than loving you"

Rasool - This is a cause song. Jill tells the story of a young man named Rasool that was shot and killed in street when she was a teenager. It is a song imploring all of us to evaluate our decisions and how they affect our lives and the lives of others

My Petition - I love this song!! It's a political song about our governments obligations to us disguised as a love song asking for honesty. You have to hear it!

So that is a quick look at a great album!! You have to give it a listen. here is clip of her singing "My Petition" live. I just love her presence.

What have you been listening to lately?


  1. i listen to pandora. it's an internet radio, do you know it? i love it because through it i've discovered many new artists i otherwise would not have found. my favorite singers/songwriters right now are sia, jem, fiona apple, etc.



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