Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lesson #1 ~ Do What You Love

Alright here goes my first thought from my wonderful New York trip. I went with a few people to New York to give school supplies to a church in Hell's Kitchen NY and to help distribute them to some of the people in need last week. It's my second time doing it and a great oppurtunity to spread some salt and light (and see a wonderful city!). On the way there we stopped at one of my friends cousins houses. We'll call them the J's because i don't know if they want to be talked about on the internet! Ha!

  Anyways, the J's are amazing people! One is retired military and the other is a retired school teacher. They are retired but still involved in their fields in different capacities. They were very welcoming and had the type of home that is filled to the brim with memories, whether it was a collection antigue mirrors in all shapes and sizes, every teapot you can imagine, or dozens of postcards from good friends all around the world. I walked through their home and could tell that they lived full lives and knew how to enjoy the things they loved. They travel the world, enjoy opera, sing opera, cook decadent (and healthy) meals, and create (she makes wonderful glass collage window pieces! Awesome to look at). It was nice to see people living full lives and they really inspired me.

While i was on the trip i picked up the latest O Magazine (I love Oprah and no one will ever convince me otherwise!). This issue was the power issue, it was full of amazing people who have that sparkle that it takes to be a person of power ~ I think we all have it we just have to find it. In the magazine there was a section about the 6 rules to personal power. One of these rules is to live passionately. I don't think it's coincidence that i got this issue on this trip (it all ties together). The rule to live passionately is to find what inspires you and that your passionate about and work more and more of it into your life, just like the J's do. It's something that I already knew but it just kind of clicked on this trip when I really saw a bonafide example of it in practice.  So my decision today is to do just that, fill my life with the things( and people) that I'm passionate about. I hope you'll join me.

Better Me Epiphany ~ if you love it, do it. There is nothing more simple than that. I won't wait for it, I'll make it happen everyday and every moment.

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  1. I LOVE IT MARK!!!!
    You know what though, when you focus on the things you love, you will see that doors will open and these things will 'suddenly' appear in your life. Just Pay Attention.


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