Thursday, March 11, 2010

Capitalism is Evil

I really and truly sincerely believe that capitalism is the root of all evil.... because capitalism in it's purest sense is greed. There are too many hurting people in this country that can't get help for so many different things and we have the power to help them. We are supposedly the richest and most generous nation in the world but our nation is set up to not look after the least of these. It makes me angry to be a part of such an evil structure and feel like there is nothing I can do to change it. Maybe I’ll start a commune or something!!! I propose a moneyless society!! Lets just have our job and produce what we need and everyone have what they need to live comfortably... Isn't that the righteous way of living? Everyone look out for each other do your part in the body for the good of the body?? Just my idea and rant for the day!

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  1. Mark, I'm SO GLAD to know you have a blog! And you certainly should make the's the best!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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