Thursday, January 8, 2009

Live Uncomfortably

"Comfort is the cornerstone of selfish living"

This is my mantra for the new year. I want to live an uncomfortable life. All of us in this world have decided that comfort is what drives us. We can see this easily with obesity in America, the debt crisis, and even our treatment of each other. I define selfish living as putting our wants over our needs.America has decided that food, and things(houses, cars, i-pods) will make us happy, and oftentimes they do. In life we need to enjoy life itself and not just the things in it. We should savor the everyday happenings of life, the air, the cold, the human touch, all of that. So my resolution this year is to live uncomfortably. That means for me only eating what i need to sustain life, don't oversleep, help someone in need, not constantly being entertained, and spend time with God. Sounds simple but living an unselfish uncomfortable life is a stretch, but worth every painstaking minute of it. Try it and see.

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  1. Haha, I'm with you brother.

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